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Software Development


Software Development

iNOUS has accumulated extensive development experience in almost all popular technologies, which underlies today's preponderant business applications' development

Enterprise services (COM+, MSMQ)
C#,,, C++, PHP
Java technology
XML web services
For more information please refer to technical skills

Software development especially web development has been iNOUS 's traditional strength, contributes a large percentage of the company's business. Our offshore software development service provides a comprehensive infrastructure for project planning, requirements analysis & design, execution and testing.

iNOUS will do :........................ you will get:

How we do it?

Receipt of software requirement specification
Receipt of your specification is the initial phase of the software development. If you don't have a specification, please turn to our consulting service: technology consulting.

General analysis

A general analysis of technical, operational and economic feasibilities is done with business application goal on basis of project specification and then documented in form of "our understanding".

Requirement estimation

Based on "our understanding", estimations of risks and budget for the future stages of the development are done, then a proposal including our understanding, cost, project management method and risk management method are provided for your approval.

Contract signature

Once the proposal confirmation is done, we sign contract to get mutual agreement on obligations and responsibilities, payment etc.

Project startup

A dedicated team with required personnel is identified as well as the hardware/software environment is set up. Then a project development plan with detailed timeline of tasks, personnel arrangement and milestones is provided to ensure the project completed on time and within the budget.

Detailed requirement analysis & System design

Once the project plan is accepted, we have multiple ways of communication as necessary with your team such as conference calls, e-mail, in-person to get detailed understanding of your requirement. With regard to the requirement specifications that may cause different understanding, iNOUS will verify them with you, and then achieve Supplementary Requirement Specification.doc to capture and verify the whole system requirements, remove misunderstandings. Depending on the requirement analysis, we divide the whole task into several modules and ensure our system analysts outline the system architecture with the expansibility and configurability taken into account. Later, our database architects design the back-end databases using constraints and ensure that your data are kept integrity.

The actual software programs/codes based on the design are created. Our experienced developers follow strict coding standards and modularize the code to make debugging and future feature expandability an easy job. Unit test is carried out after a component's completion to reduce the development time and guarantee the quality. Then the diverse components are integrated into the Alpha version of the software.


The Alpha version presents a special testing environment in which integration errors, bugs are tackled and eliminated and the user interface is refined according to the test plan and test cases. Then the Beta version is handed over to you for UAT (User Acceptance Test) with an efficient span less than one-fifth of the total development time.

The software is released to its end users with the deployment document with software prerequisites, configuration environment and deployment steps etc in it.

Warranty phase
A 90-day warranty period is accessible; we will offer free fixes if bugs are found.

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